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about me

I’m a 5th year PhD student at UC Berkeley, in the Business and Public Policy group at the Haas School of Business. I have a BA in Economics from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).

My research interests are in development economics, political economy and behavioral economics.

(CV) • m.ortiz@berkeley.edu

working papers

Monopoly of Taxation Without a Monopoly of Violence: The Weak State’s Trade-Off Between Taxation and Safety
with Soeren Henn, Christian Mastaki, Raúl Sánchez de la Sierra and David Q. Wu
(r&r Review of Economic Studies)

work in progress

Spite, Fear and Intergroup Conflict: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria (fieldwork completed)

pre-doctoral reseach

Is Money-Saving Preventive Care a Fairy Tale? Not for Early Childhood
(with Adriana Camacho)